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I'm not proud of how many hours I've wasted scrolling through apps. Gaming apps, shopping apps, social media apps the list goes on! Apps can play a huge part in procrastinating and hyper consumerism. If you're wanting to cut down on your spending habits, unsubscribe from emails and delete those apps! Take the temptation away. On the flip side, apps can be amazing. They can promote productivity and encourage you to live sustainably. These are my favourite apps which I use on a day-to-day basis that help me live a more sustainable life.


"All cards in one app"

In my shopaholic days, my purse would be brimming full of loyalty cards. The majority of the cards were rarely even used. It was so bad that I had a separate purse just for these cards, and then another purse for day-to-day use. Looking back now it sounds so ridiculous! On the Stocard app you can scan any of your existing cards and upload them ready to use all in one place. You'll get so much more use out of them if you have access to your cards everywhere you go. Because who goes out without their phone these days?

Not only does it mean that you don't have to bring all your loyalty cards with you every time you shop, but you can avoid getting physical loyalty cards in the future. Most loyalty store cards are made from plastic which cannot always be recycled due to contamination. Going digital could massively impact your plastic consumption for the better. When you sign up for future loyalty schemes, ask if you can skip on the physical card and upload it straight to the app instead. If a store doesn't have a plastic free option when signing up, email them or take to social media to express your disappointment. Hopefully they will take it on board and consider adapting in the future. Here's a task for you now: go through your purse/ wallet/ bag and assess your loyalty cards. Are you getting a good amount of use out of them? Are you holding onto them on the off chance that you go back to that coffee shop you visited once? Be brutal and part with any that you're not using, and consider uploading the one's you do keep on to Stocard.


"Save delicious food and fight food waste"

Too Good To Go is a food waste app which was launched in the UK in 2016 and since launching they estimate to have saved a whopping 38,231,036 meals from going to waste globally. They partner with restaurants, cafés, hotels and all kinds of hospitality businesses to offer a "magic bag" at the end of the day for a highly reduced price. The food you save, would have gone to waste otherwise. This app is such an exciting idea to get businesses on board with tackling their food waste.

It's also a great way to get an excellent deal on food and discover new eateries at the same time. Depending on where you live, you may not have many places available to you yet. The company is still growing, and is definitely more prominent in larger cities at the moment. I know in Central London for example, the number of companies signed up is really impressive! And most usually sell out really quickly, so it's great knowing so much food is being saved from landfill. So download the app now, put in your post code and see how many places are available near you! If there aren't as many as you'd like, reach out to your favourite businesses and ask if they'd be on board! Or email Too Good To Go and ask if there are any plans to work with businesses in your area. If they know there is a demand for it in your area, they're more likely to expand there! As the company is growing, I know they'll continue to branch out and I'm excited to see them grow.


"Share more. Waste less"

On the topic of food waste, Olio is another app which is fighting this very prevalent issue. Olio is an app where users can collect food (and non food items) from local users completely free of charge. There is a wonderful sense of community through this app, and you'll often find people giving away food parcels and lunch to users in need. I uploaded my first item on the app this week and a user collected it within just a few hours! What sort of food would you expect to find on there? Well again it will completely depend on your area, but in my experience there are a lot of cupboard items like sauces, teas and condiments. I've also seen an increase in yellow sticker food items being uploaded on there too. While the app is predominantly used for food, there is also a tab for non-food items. If you download the app and find that your area isn't very lively on there, why not spread the word? Tell your friends and family to download it! Tell shop owners, parents at the school gates and strangers in waiting rooms. The more these types of resources are shared and spoken about, the larger impact it will have.


"Sustainable and ethical shopping brand ratings"

This app is a more recent discovery for me, and I've recommended it so many people since! Good On You is an app where you can browse fashion companies in the search bar, and the app will tell you how sustainable that brand is. Good On You does all the research for you and creates brand profiles which are extremely detailed and unbiased. It includes in depth detail on their stances on labour, the environment and treatment of animals, which is extremely useful if you want to shop more consciously. My personal favourite feature, is that at the bottom of the brand review there's a selection of similar brands with higher ratings. This is a great feature, especially if your favourite brands don't score so well, and you're not sure where or how to start looking at alternative sustainable options. This app is a must have if you really want to start changing the way you shop: avoiding fast fashion and choosing to support companies who are ethical and vowing to make a difference. The app is super informative and easy to use, and has the added touch of regularly uploading relevant articles around sustainability in the fashion industry. My only criticism, is that the app was developed in Australia and so there are quite a few brands here in the UK which haven't yet been included on the app. But, like a lot of the apps I've mentioned they're growing at a rapid pace and I'm excited to support them on their journey.


"Shop better, live better"

Last but certainly not least is Code Check! This app is designed for users to quickly and effectively find out about any harmful ingredients in beauty and food products. Simply scan the barcode and the app will tell you if the product is vegan, contains palm oil, microbeads and so much more! As someone who tries to stay clear of palm oil and massively reduce my animal product consumption this app has come to my rescue so many times. Brands aren't the most transparent with their ingredients list.

Palm oil for example has over 25 alternative names when listed in ingredients! Therefore this app makes life a lot easier at decoding ingredient lists. So whether you want to know what's in your cosmetics, food or household cleaning products, this app is a great addition to your smart phone.

That concludes my top 5 life changing sustainable apps! Thank you for reading and I hope you found this useful. How many of these apps had you already heard of? Which one are you most excited about downloading? I'd love to hear from you.

Stay safe x


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