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I permanently switched over to oat milk back in January 2020 and I could never go back to dairy milk! Oat milk is cruelty-free, more environmentally friendly and tastes delicious. I've tried a load of different brands and the rumours are true: NOTHING compares to Oatly Barista. That stuff is the bomb! The only downside to Oatly is the price and that it comes in plastic packaging. So, in a bid to cut down on my plastic for Plastic Free July, I wanted to find a plastic-free alternative to Oatly. The cheapest and most sustainable first choice was to make my own... It was not a success. I don't know what I did but I hated it and it created soo much mess. Maybe I'll give it another go in the future, but my next alternative was M*LKMAN! But was it any good and worth a STAGGERING £2.75 for a litre bottle?

M*LMAN started their businesses back in 2017 in a bid to create a more sustainable, natural and plastic-free vegan milk. The founder was working in a smoothie stall in brick lane and became frustrated at the sheer amount of plastic and waste from bottles of non-dairy milk. As a barista myself, I think this is a genius idea and I too am apalled by the amount of plastic waste. Props to M*LKMAN for starting a business with sustainability at the heart of it. You can order M*LKMAN online as a one-off delivery or as a regular order. They're delivered by a milkman in the early morning and cover a fair amount of England which I must say is refreshing! I know a lot of these newer companies start off in London and it's usually not very accessible for the rest of the country, so this is great to see.

First of all, let's talk about the price tag. When I went online to order my first bottle I cannot lie, £2.75 hurt! Oat milk is almost always going to cost more than dairy milk (unless you make your own). Paying £2 a bottle for Oatly always feels like a real splurge so I was stung a little by M*LKMAN's price. HOWEVER. If you put that in perspective, you're paying more for it to be hand-delivered to your door and for glass packaging which is a more expensive resource compared to plastic. These are factored into the price so I can't argue with that.

On first impressions, I thought the design and packaging was lovely and it arrived on time without any issues! It did however look a little light and watery, but this can happen before you use and shake it so not a major issue. I first used it in my coffee, and found it to be very watery no matter how much I gave it a good shake. It was so light and watery that it barely changed the colour of my coffee, even when I poured in a lot more than I usually would. It smelt and tasted VERY oat-like. If you've ever made your own oat milk you'll be familiar with that oaty smell, and it was very strong with this milk. The first few times I used it in my tea and coffee, I couldn't really decide if I liked it or not. The longer I used it, the stronger my dislike for the milk grew. I once heated up a mug of milk to make a milky coffee (we make do at home without a coffee machine!) and it was HORRENDOUS. Curdle central. I do this all the time with Oatly barista and it's absolutely fine so I was a little shocked and disappointed with this. Especially as M*LKMAN is designed for baristas so I can't understand why it curdled and tasted so awful. After that experience it really put me off the milk, and I couldn't wait to finish the bottle and get back to drinking Oatly.

The verdict? I think they're a great sustainable brand and if you've got a higher budget for your milk, and like the natural oaty flavours in homemade oat milk I think this will be great for you! If, like me, you're a die-hard Oatly fan and like a thicker creamier milk that doesn't taste too oaty then I wouldn't have high hopes for this milk.

I hope you found this review useful! Did you try out any plastic-free alternatives this month? Let me know!

Wear a (reusable) mask and stay safe x


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