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In 2018, 5.5 million people in the U.K. were using disposable razors...

That's a slightly terrifying figure, and is certainly worrying for our growing plastic pollution. The bathroom is a super easy place to start cutting out plastic, and I'd argue after you've made the switch to bamboo toothbrushes, bar soaps, and plastic free hair products, your razor should be next on your radar!

I stopped buying disposable razors in 2019 (so I was one of the 5.5 million) and replaced it with a bamboo razor. I knew about safety razors, but didn't feel ready yet to make that jump. I was too scared I'd cut myself, the blades looked terrifying! My bamboo razor is a low waste option, but is sadly not completely plastic free. It seems silly that I was so scared to even try a safety razor when it’s undoubtedly the most sustainable shaving option, and it can’t be that scary if so many people use it successfully! So when the lovely people over at Aphrodite Razors reached out to me to see if I wanted to be one of the first to trial their new GORGEOUS safety razor, I thought it was about time I faced my fears and stopped being such a scaredy cat.

Disclaimer: This product was kindly gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own and I am under no obligation to review or praise this product.

Price and product

Aphrodite Razors come in two colour options: silver and rose gold. For a one off purchase which includes the razor and a pack of 5 blades it costs £29.90. There’s also the option to sign up to a monthly subscription which costs £24.90 for the razor and your first pack of 5 blades, then it’s £5.50 for your replacement pack of blades going forward. You have the option to choose how often you’ll need blades dependent on how often you shave, I look how flexible this is. Looking at the price, there’s no doubt that safety razors are expensive, however, safety razors are an investment that will cost you less in the long run as the blades are generally cheaper and the metal design is made to last. Therefore, I think the initial price of the razor can be justified if you’re in a position to invest in one. But, I do think £5.50 for a 5 pack of blades is quite steep. It's easy to be put off this price when you can get a pack of 10 disposable plastic razors from Boots for £1.50... You can see why plastic free shaving alternatives are not accessible to everyone and it’s certainly a privilege to be able to invest in a safety razor. Now, comparing the safety blades at Aphrodite to other blades on the market: you can grab a pack of 5 Shark blades for anywhere between 60p-£1.50. That's a big difference in price.

First impressions

When I received my Aphrodite razor I was straight away impressed with the packaging. You’d be surprised how often eco-friendly, plastic free products come in cheap plastic packaging. For the price of the product, you expect to receive high quality, well designed packaging. I was really impressed that it came in a compact cardboard box which I’ll keep to store my razor in when travelling. When a safety razor has it’s blade in, it’s exposed and can be a hazard if you’re carrying around the razor in your bag or luggage. Of course, you could just unscrew the razor and remove the blade, but personally I’d prefer to store it safely in this little box when travelling (because I'm lazy). I’m sure the box was not intended for this use, but I love it. Upon removing the razor from the box, the first thing that I noticed was how heavy the razor was! It’s seriously weighty. This is very important later on when it comes to shaving. The design is slick and you can tell it's high quality and I suspect very durable.

The razor doesn't come with the blade in, so I had to work out how to essemble it before my first use. Aphrodite Razors include a little instruction card on how to unscrew your razor, place the blade in and screw the razor back together. As this was my first time looking at a safety razor close up, it did take me a few attempts to get right. A little picture or illustration of how the razor should look would have been beneficial for me personally, as I relied on their Instagram account to check how it should look when screwed together correctly. All in all, it wasn’t too difficult and didn’t take me long.

Before I got stuck in on my first use, I made sure to read the instructions clearly. Remember when I said the razor felt really heavy and weighted? Well due to this you’re not supposed to apply any extra pressure when shaving, but should let the weight of the razor do all of the work for you. I wouldn’t have known this without reading the instructions and could have resulted in a few cuts so read your instructions people! I can’t lie, I was sh***ing myself the first time I used it. I was so gentle and slow that I think it took me 3x the normal time it takes to shave one leg!

My opinion

I definitely think it delivers on a lot of the claims it makes, including a closer and gentler shave. Because the blade is so sharp, the razor being weighted and the single blade I definitely noticed a closer shave and there was certainly less pulling. I can also confidently say that the closer shave meant that my leg hair took longer than usual to grow back. That's wonderful news with winter approaching, more time between shaves, yes! Were there any drawbacks? While I do love this razor and I think it’s great, the lack of a pivoting head means that I’m not confident using it on more intimate areas. When I had been using the razor for over a month and became a little cocky, I tried the razor out on my bikini line and that was my first and last cut to date. I still think it takes a little more time than usual to shave as I’m just a tad more cautious especially around the ankles and knees. Otherwise, the price of the blades is my only real concern and drawback, so I’d lean towards their one off purchase because I do love the razor. I’d definitely recommend Aphrodite Razors if you’re looking to make the switch over to a safety razor! They also offer a service where you can return your blades to them for recycling, which I think is a great initiative.

Wanting to make the switch to a safety razor? I have a code that gives you 50% off your first Aphrodite Razor starter box! My code is:


I hope my review was helpful and let me know if you'd consider switching over to a safety razor. Or if you use one already and love it!

Wear a (reusable) mask and stay safe x


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